``The Island Sanctions;;

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No New Posts `written in sand

Do come, my dears, and take a look at all of the information written by the first dogs who became trapped on these islands. Rules, and other information are all labelled as such.

4 13 Pack info!
by ~Silver~
Jan 22, 2012 15:30:27 GMT -5
No New Posts ` island howls

Island howls are given when there are announcements, or new contests being tossed about for you guys to read and/or participate in. So, feel free to check back again frequently.

by peek-a-boo dino
Jun 29, 2012 8:14:06 GMT -5
No New Posts ` staffing

This is the staff room, but only staff members are actually allowed in here, so . . . I apologize, darlings . . . But, we usually share things with you guys anyways.

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No New Posts ` beachside storefront

Have you decided you want some more little fun things to play with? Perhaps your character wants a taste of home? A little ball, or maybe a small squeaky toy? Well, come here, it's pretty easy, recently cheap. Sand dollars are the current currency

8 16 Next Order
by Delirium
Jan 25, 2012 22:47:41 GMT -5

``New Beginnings;;

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No New Posts ` island-dog creation

Okay, guys, so you want to have a character on here. Well, feel free to come on in, and create your characters. We now ask that you wait for a staff member to accept your character before you begin roleplaying. Thanks!

Sub-board: ' incomplete bios

5 10 Making character
by whitewolf22
Nov 11, 2013 18:38:07 GMT -5
No New Posts ` island inhabitants

Here are where all members of the Islands reside. Only members may see who, and who doesn't live here.

Males: 22 | Females: 28

Sub-boards: ` males, ` females

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No New Posts ` want ads

So you need someone to play a character for you in a plot? Or perhaps you need a dog's sibling made? Or maybe you're just looking for a plot in general? Well, regardless. Come here to find it!

19 94 What is the FinOp responsible for?
by cxgllc
Apr 25, 2019 6:27:34 GMT -5
No New Posts ` abandoned isles

Hmm, you know. Sometimes it comes that we just . . . can no longer play a character. Well, if you find yourself in that position, take them here. You can either adopt them out, or put them in an ice chamber until you can play them again! There is also a subboard in here that you may post in when a character dies.

Sub-board: ` final goodbyes

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No New Posts ` newest generation

Puppies? Aww, who doesn't love having children with the one they love. Unless, of course, if that isn't how the children where created. Regardless, come here to have your puppies be created by a puppy-maker.

Sub-board: ` the stork

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No New Posts ` island journals

Unfortunately, sometimes we like to go crazy, make characters, then forget who knows who. Who has what history. So, you can come here and make a journal, which is where you keep all the information on you dogs. Only one per member please!

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No New Posts ` tracking meetings

Well, if you need a place to keep a tracker to remember who you're in at thread with, what threads there are and so on- and so forth, then feel free to post here to keep things moving with ease.

3 14 Tracking Karma
by Karma
Jan 18, 2012 18:09:35 GMT -5

``Firestorm Island;;

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No New Posts ` Firestorm's Paradise

With in this island, you have the main area that the pack resides. However, this island is hardly the sort you'd expect to find living canines on. This land is claimed by the dogs who call themselves the 'natives' they claim to the be the first canines on this place. This land is where they call their home, which is set up of a lot of floral vegetation, birds of exotic nature flying over the land. That sort of wild island beauty, but the island is named Firestorm for a reason. High, on the north end side of the island sits a Volcano that is constantly sending out gray smoke that trails in the sky. Rumor has it that the 'natives' control the volcano, and can contact the spirits with in it. So that only they will know when, and how bad any eruption will be.

The Natives are led by Kaliska

3 17 ` Open Pack Joining
by Delirium
Jan 19, 2012 23:40:46 GMT -5
No New Posts ` tiki beach

On the opposite end of the island, as far from the volcano as can be reached, you find a beautiful beach. Waves echo gently over the clear, clean white sand, and the entire place has a very tropical feeling. It's a common place for members of the natives to meet and talk - and with the fish always swimming about - it's pretty easy to catch a good meal too.

3 10 If You Asked Me How I'm Doin'[Open]
by ArRi.
Jan 23, 2012 2:12:02 GMT -5
No New Posts ` starside coral front

These lands are perhaps the most beautiful on Firestorm Island. It lies on the west coast, where the beach is nothing more then a gentle slope into the ocean. However, it's not the view that's most extraordinary, when it's daylight. It's the magical twist this land takes on at night. As soon as the sun sets, the coral growing in the water all around this beach light up with vibrant, neon, glow in the dark colors that create a romantic, as well as a festive atmosphere. And it's not uncommon to see pups playing in the shallows, learning their way around the maze of coral that grows there, and further out.

2 13 A Day at the Beach; Open
by jayfeather
Jun 17, 2012 20:40:30 GMT -5
No New Posts ` volcano's mouth

Like any good ole dog, even the natives like their tricks, and their challenges, and there is nothing more challenging then climbing the volcano that their island is named for. At least once in a native's life, they spend time trecking up the side, just to stare down the mouth of the volcano. The air is hot, and constantly smoky - but you have to be careful. It's not un common to see sparks, and random spouts of lava and fire being tossed out of the volcano. And one large clump could easily mean a bad hair year, or worse; the end of a life.

1 8 Wanderlust (Vlad)
by ~Silver~
Mar 10, 2012 12:59:41 GMT -5

``Crater Island;;

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No New Posts ` impact site

Crater Island is named after the crater developed when an unidentified object hit the island millions of years ago. The land is mostly unknown - even to those who call Crater Island their own. However, the site of the crater is a well known area. thousands of caves and caverns have developed over time, giving homes to the Islanders who call this land home. The crater impact zone is their main place of homage, serving as meeting place, sleeping place, and as an area for any other general pack activity.

The Islanders are led by Arthur

4 14 All together now (pack meeting)
Mar 9, 2012 23:03:40 GMT -5
No New Posts ` ancient burials

The most unique trait on this island is the odd sort of ancient 'burial ground' towards the most northern part of the island. The ground here is mostly desert, and for as far as the eye can see, skeletons are half buried, or completely unearthed on the land. It appears that for generations, animals of all species had made their way to these grounds to die. However, this is no longer happening, but many dogs still come here to stare at the bones of creatures past.

1 2 Your hands can heal, your hands can bruise [OPEN]
by Karma
Jan 9, 2012 16:17:52 GMT -5
No New Posts ` walk of waves

Another unique attraction to Crater Island is the abnormal land mark to the east of the island. There is a small, narrow strip of land that is usually covered with an inch of water (though when rain begins to fall this narrow strip of land is often washed out, and is also washed out during full moons). The strip is extremely slippery, but it is the only way to get to the sub island of Crater Island, which many suspect is the actual object that crashed into the island. The strip is also an excellent way of hunting, as it leaps right off into the ocean, and small fish are often around it, and jumping over it.

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No New Posts ` meteor rock

This heavy rock is connected to the Island by a small, narrow strip of land, and is rumored to be the cause of the crater on Crater Island. However, it is rare to find dogs here, and only the bravest venture forth. It is rumored that if you stay on it long enough, you will see strange floating objects, your fur will stand on end, and you will hear the voices of aliens who have traveled through the galaxies in the rock.

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``Starkissed Island;;

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No New Posts ` New Moon Forest

Starkissed Island is named for the nightly affect it has on it's dwellers. A heavy forest covers most of the island, so thick that only pin pricks of light get through, giving the canopy a star kissed effect. The land is full of life, flowering plants, birds, and small mammals, which create a wide variety of food for those who call this land home. It's the foreigners who cling to this nightly experience, and it's within their land that they tend to feel the most natural.

The Foreigners are led by Keenoko

2 6 Open Pack Joining
by mikko
Mar 12, 2012 15:16:27 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Canopy Waterfall

If one was to focus long enough, they would hear the steady roar of water falling into a small pond. A series of rocky locations offer a unique way for water to travel to the canines of this land. The water tumbles from the top of a cliff, but the dense jungle make it appear is if it's coming straight out of the trees. The pond that the water had created is rather small, but supplies a nice drink for any dog who stumbles upon it.

1 12 Hollaback boy; open
by mikko
Jan 17, 2012 15:49:53 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Shadow Ridge

Quiet, that is the one way to describe the ridge that leads up to the cliffs. It's oddly silent, almost eerily so. It's constantly in shadow, do to the fact that it's rare for sunlight to ever reach this ridge. This area is commonly used for training new arrivals in the ways of surviving in the dark. It's completely desolate, no water or animals to find, but if you can find your way back down, or work your way up you'll find yourself once more in the safety, and protection of the pack, and of the forest.

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No New Posts ` Hell's Den

This den is found at the top of the cliff, hidden against a wall. Only the bravest can enter it's inky depths. It's always cold within, and eery noises come from its depths, sounding like whines, moans, screams, and violent gusts of wind. Many who go in do not come back out. According to the natives, the demon of the islands resides deep withing the den; a mammoth of a black dragon, who likes the taste of dog.

1 1 A sudden change ~ {Delirium}
by alaska
Jan 16, 2012 17:07:36 GMT -5

``Outlining Islands;;

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts ` Isle Iridian

A mile thick circle of forest surrounds the plateau. An uneven coastline runs all the way around the island. A dog can't see the island from land until it swims out toward the island, once out in the water the island becomes visible. Small animals survive around the coast of the island in bushes, vines, and tall grass. Larger prey lives in the circular forest. Just be careful, not everyone may be friendly.

5 34

Located within the middle of the ocean lies an island. An island that has been uninhibited for years. The only living specimens on the island consist of canines of all breeds, sizes, and ages; and the random prey that keep the forests and mountain range on the island thriving. Though, many years ago, humans had once roamed the island. Not just any humans, but, mainly the deathly sick ones. The ones that were known to die from a deadly disease. An old, abandoned asylum continues to rest on the island reaching towards the heavens. The building is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Though, once one looks past the old, decrepit building, one will see a vast, dense forest. Beyond the dense forest, a medium-sized snow-capped mountain range stands erect, casting it's icy, snowy points towards the clouds.

Moderator: --promise;

Sub-boards: ` Abandoned Asylum, ` SORIYAN FOREST

5 28 Just a Dream..? (Avalanche/OPEN)
by alaska
Feb 15, 2012 13:14:34 GMT -5
No New Posts ` salubrious pack

picture a lush green oasis in the middle of a rainforest, but it's protected by sharp stones that jut out around it and most of the gaps a covered in vines and moss. only one gap has had the vines removed this is the entrance to the oasis of salubrious. most dogs cannot find this because it is hidden by over grown leaves, ferns and vines. the pack matron, shoshona, fond it simply by running after prey. she most immeadiatley knew she had found a good place. the onside looks as green as the outside. ferns and vine grow along the mossy walls ad form comfortable dens beneath. the pool of water has a good three meter diameter with a small island in the middle. this is where shoshona conducts all meetings.from the edge of the water to the wall is another three meters on most angles. with each gap in stone, there area couple of dens that could house families. the only gap that has one den is shoshona's gap. this is larger than all the dens. the nurses quarters are located under the ground, with at least three caves; one for supply, one for nurse housing and one for patent housing. Isolation is also found under ground. this area is for those who need time to their selves

Sub-boards: ` the pool, ` the dens

5 8 welcome to my home: whisper
by alaska
Jan 29, 2012 16:24:35 GMT -5

``Sensation Island;;

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts ` Uncharted Destinations

In the shallows of Sensation Island is a wrecked ship, one of the ships, supposedly, that had carried some of the ancestors to many of the dogs on the Islands. It's not uncommon to see dogs walking, or swimming to the wreck, to explore, just as it's not all that uncommon to find fun toys, and accessories hidden on board.

3 11 ` Cool Down [open]
by alaska
Mar 6, 2012 13:24:24 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Evergreen Branches

Evergreens grow in wide abundance along this area, and both water and prey are easy to find. The branches of the trees offer shelter from sunshine, wind, and rain, which makes this land an ideal meeting place for pack members and loners alike. No harm can be dealt out here, as it is a place for sanctuary.

2 13 Underhanded Love (Heartless)
by mikko
Feb 1, 2012 16:23:51 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Cattail Beach

Cattail beach is a huge span sand and water. The sand is a soft mix of white and pale cream, giving it a fantastic glow at night, and there is a small cave that goes under the beach, most canines go here to get out of the elements or to have privacy. The water is clear and you can see fish, most are easy to catch thus providing a meal.

3 23 When You Arrived ~Open~
by Zer0
Feb 12, 2012 18:36:49 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Clearsky Meadows[/font][/i]

This meadow is named for the usual full view of the sky. Usually it's brightly sunny in the area, although, rain and snow comes periodically. A river runs through the area, and flowers grow in abundance. Flowering fruit trees provide shelter from the heat, as well as a tasty treat.

4 25 You're Not the Only One Who's (Heartless)
by ~Silver~
Mar 10, 2012 12:43:03 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Sunset Canyon[/font][/i]

Separating one end of the island from the other is a large canyon. The rocks create colorful layers, that shine like a sunset when light touches them, thus giving the canyon it's name. The gap is semi-wide, with a narrow river running through the center. Walking through the canyon is a rare experience, as there are numerous carved drawings from animals and dogs of the past. With immediate access to water and occasional prey available, added to the beauty of the place, it's no surprise dogs are often found here.

4 22 regrets and mistakes [open]
by Zeik
Jul 23, 2012 0:52:43 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Farview Tunnels[/font][/i]

Thousands and thousands of miles worth of tunnels and caves can be found on Sensation Island. They stretch beneath the ocean floor, and can connect to the other islands as well, providing the best way to travel from Island to Island. Many of the tunnels are unexplored, and the likelihood of other islands and locations being found is constant. However, one must be careful, or risk being lost in these dark tunnels. Glowing Algae dimly lights the way, but they do not show an exit.

1 8 Journey to the End (Karma)
by Karma
Jan 24, 2012 14:28:13 GMT -5

``Welcome Center;;

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts ` Passing Ships[/font][/i]

Come here to advertise and affiliate. Please make sure you follow the rules. GUEST FRIENDLY
[/u] Make sure you read our rules. Affiliation banners MUST be 88x31.[/blockquote][/justify]

Sub-boards: ` unfamiliar scents, ` docking ships, ` remember the coats, ` howl our stories

937 956 INFIDELIS: A Modern Street Dog RP
by IF Staff
Feb 16, 2019 23:33:52 GMT -5
No New Posts ` Games in the sand[/font][/i]

Come here to play games! Remember keep it clean and PG-13. If the game is in character, please put IC in the title. And OOC for out of character, or regular member games.

5 200 You're Banned! Game
Jan 31, 2012 22:22:29 GMT -5
No New Posts ` campfire stories[/font][/i]

Come here to talk about anything and everything, as well as to meet other members, and become friends. Remember keep things clean, and appropriate. Thanks <3

7 27
No New Posts ` rescue tales[/font][/i]

No one likes to run into trouble when it comes to forgetting to say 'be back soon,' so come here to post your away messages if you're disappearing for a few days, or if you're planning on leaving forever.

8 16
No New Posts ` cave drawings[/font][/i] - 1 Viewing

Good with graphics? Or need one done? Then this is the place to come. If you want a store, feel free to fill the form out inside. Only nine stores will be accepted at a time, and if you are inactive (on the site, not the store) for a month, your store will be taken down.

Sub-boards: ¡ÚMischief ¢¾ Making Studios¡Ú, http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt239/Warrior_Cat_Time/prehistoricstudios.png, http://i53.tinypic.com/9u4woz.jpg, Lifetime Studios

33 177 Table Testing Thread
by FlorSa
Jun 10, 2019 23:32:50 GMT -5
No New Posts ` suggestion box[/font][/i]

If you have a question about the site, feel free to post it hear. Members and Staff alike will be able to help you answer any questions. And please, if you have suggestions to making our site better, feel free to post as well. We love to hear your input, and if all the staff members agree - it's likely it will be put into action. Guest Friendly

2 6 QUESTION! (:
by Delirium
Jan 20, 2012 19:27:11 GMT -5
No New Posts ` past lives

Here you will find the graveyard for all threads. If a thread is finished, please pm a staff member to have it moved. And once a month, staff will look through threads, and any thread that has not been replied to in a month, will be placed here.

Sub-boards: ` OOC threads, ` IC threads, ` Bios

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